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37 Best Bail Bond Company Names

Bail bonds serve the ability to let a defendant who is arrested for a crime to be released until their case is resolved. Bonds serve as leverage to ensure the individual appears in court for their trail and hearing. Several options are available to an arrested individual ranging from surety bonds to cash bail or a release on personal recognizance. Premiums for bonds range based on the bail amount, but typically range around 10%. A selection of bail bond company names from around the United States are listed below to encourage the creation of your company name.

2nd Chance Bail Bonds
A All State Bail Bonding Company
A Better Bail Bond
A-1 Bonding Company
ABC Bail Bonds Co.
Ability Bonding Company Inc.
Able Bail Bonds
Above & Beyond Bail Bonds
Accelerated Bail Bonds Inc.
Affordable Auto Title & Surety Bonds
Affordable Bail Bonds
All Day All Night Bail Bonds Inc
All Out Now Bail Bonds
Alliance Bail Bonds
Alpha Bail Bonds
Around the Clock Bail Bonds
Bad Boys Bail Bonds
Beehive Bail Bonds Inc.
Best Bail Bonds Castle Rock
Better Bail Bonds
Big Dawg Bail Bonds
Busted Bail Bond & Company
Capitol Bail Bonds
Eagle Bonding Co.
Eastern Company Bail Bonding
Fast & Easy Bail Bonds
Freebird Bail Bonds
Grand Junction Bonding Company
Jailbusters Bonding Company
Littleton Colorado Bonds Company
Mobile Bail Bonds
Old West Bonding Company LLC
Rebel Bail Bonds
Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds
Sanctuary Bail Bonds
Stan the Bailman
Wagner Bail Bonds

Bonds typically require some form of collateral to be placed for the individual to be released from jail. These include credit cards, houses, cars, boats, jewelry, and even electronic equipment. Collateral is return when the case is completed or the court exonerates the bond. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 6 hours to become released from jail depending upon the city or county. The infographic below provides an explanation of bail bonds.

Bail Bonds Explained

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