43 Good Names for Investment Companies

Investment companies are known for providing capital and orchestrating business exchanges in the marketplace. Some of the hottest industries for investment companies now a days is seen in the technology field. Rather you are trying to raise money through crowdfunding or seeking out the eyesight of a venture capitalist, the following series of investment company names will help to show you the many options that exist.

Affiliated Managers Group Inc.
American Capital
American Century Investments
Beasts of Beauty
Blackstone Group LP
Boyle Investment Company
Brandes Investment Partners
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Calamos Investments LLC
Calvert Investments
Cambridge Trust Co.
Capital Link Inc.
Castle Harlan Inc.
Columbia Capital
Crosslink Capital Inc.
Evercore Partners
FBL Financial Group Inc.
First Analysis Corporation
First Investors Management Co.
First Southwest Co
Franklin Templeton Investments
Guild Investment Management
HIG Capital LLC
Industrial Growth Partners
Investment Company Institute
Janus Capital Group Inc.
Johnson Investment Counsel Inc.
Morningstar Inc.
Quantitative Services Group
SEI Investments
Sprout Group
Tangible Investments LLC
The Capital Group Companies
The Jordan Company LP
Tompkins Trust Co
Union Square Ventures
US Venture Partners
Wedbush Securities
Zacks Investment Research Inc.

The JOBS Act was creating releasing some of the restraints on individuals using crowdfunding as a source of raising capital for their small company. Theses contributions are made by private investors but can make a big impact. The below infographic outlines how small businesses help to stimulate the economy and create jobs. All the while through the direct relation of gaining crowdfunding support.

Investment Crowdfunding and Small Business