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42 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing


The virtual world, formerly known as the galactic network and officially known as the internet, is flooded with information. You cannot get an exact count of websites or web pages hosted at any point in time because there are innumerable new websites and web pages being hosted every second and many are being taken off. You cannot really put a figure or quantum to the information, photos, videos, internet users or anything available online because everything is consistently growing, evolving, changing and in the process transforming the world.

Having a virtual presence is imperative for every company. But is that virtual presence relevant? It is no longer about having a website or optimizing your website content. It is not just about sharing your website address on your business card and sending a few marketing emails to a database. Virtual presence has become bigger, more challenging and also more rewarding. Here is a brief guide to help you understand how your virtual presence can be relevant.

1) Do You Have a Mobile Website?
If you don’t, get one today. You can opt for a responsive website. A traditional website is not enough anymore. You need to be on the mobile platforms and two ways to do that are a mobile website and an app. You may have both but if you cannot invest in an app right now or if it is not that necessary then a mobile website is imperative.

2) Your Website Must be Engaging and Easy to Find, Navigate, and Understand.
Don’t sacrifice convenience for fancy designs. Don’t unnecessarily complicate your website as that will not attract your audience. Keep things engaging but simple and, more importantly, fun for your audience.

3) Always Ensure Your Virtual Presence is Authoritative.
If your company, the products or services are considered to be average, if your forte is questioned and if you don’t manage to emerge as someone having a certain degree of authority in the niche, then your virtual presence will be just another run off the mill outcome. When people see you as an authority in what you do, your company becomes a brand.

4) Come up with Good Content.
Optimize the content relevantly and answer the needs of your audience. You must know what your audience wants and don’t just deliver it through your products and services, deliver it through your website or virtual presence as well.

5) Make Your Virtual Presence Localized.
Engage with customers online, create a following, develop open channels of communication and always be available, rather proactively available, to be there with your audience. That will make you relevant.

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