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42 Awesome Success Quotes from Fictional Characters


Quotes from other people that have been in the same position as you can help you to stay motivated and on the right track. They are simple quips that can help you to get your “mind” right and remember where you are headed. The quotes do not have to come from actual people they can come from fictional characters. They can be messages that we wish someone would have said in real life.

1) On Leadership
Mel Gibson as the fabled William Wallace who was an actual Scottish hero that uttered, “Your title gives you claim to the throne but men don’t follow titles they follow courage.” This quote expresses the idea that while you can have the title if you do not actually “lead” or display that qualities that people find valuable no one will follow your direction. Courage counts.

2) On Entrepreneurship
Gandalf the Great from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy said, “All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us. ” We are masters of our own destiny and as entrepreneurs we are taking the proverbial “bull” by the horns and living our life by design. Use the time you are given wisely. Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight put it best when he said “You make your own luck.” It is a true to life statement. You are in the driver seat when it comes to your luck.

3) On Teamwork
Sean McGuire (Good Will Hunting) said, “Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else does first.” Having a partner in your endeavor even if it is more of a battle buddy then an actual financial partner. Just having someone give you a boost up in your confidence can really help you get through the rough patches. Far too many entrepreneurs are lone wolves which can absolutely work against you.

4) On Perseverance
Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean said, “the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude toward the problem.” It can be hard to throw your hands up in frustration and walk away but in most cases even when you feel that the problem is more than you can handle if you adopt a different perspective it can change the impact of the problem.

5) Innovation and Marketing
Professor Xavier (X Men), “the greatest power on earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess, the power of the human brain.” The answer is there, the innovation is there, you just have to learn to rely on your power.

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