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41 Real Catchy School Uniform Slogans

School uniforms offer a great way to establish clothing standards in academic environments and keep distraction low. These catchy school uniform slogans serve as a great source of inspiration for schools to create new standards and eliminate conflict.

A committed Team
Affordable durability.
Be yourself and look great doing it.
Choose life
Clothes designed to work.
Clothes that mean business.
Clothing people at work.
Designed to work as hard as you.
Determined to do something.
Do it once, do it well.
Done right.
Enjoy work.
Expect compliments.
Fashion as unique as you are.
Fighting for better workwear.
Fit you… Fit your job.
For the big jobs.
Freedom secured.
Go Blue.
Hard working.
I feel proud.
If it is to BE it is up to ME.
If they were any tougher – they’d rust.
Inspired comfort.
It’s gonna get dirty.
Let’s get to work.
Live your life. Love your job.
Love what you wear.
Made better.
Never out of place.
Not your standard uniform.
Prepare for the worst. Wear the best.
Protection at it’s best.
Show the world how smart you are!
Switch your brand on.
Tested to work.
The uniform makes for brotherhood.
Uniforms for Unity.
We care for you.
We look forward to freedom.
Working hard never felt better.

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