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43 Good Labor Union Campaign Slogans

In recent times, many states such as Wisconsin alter their laws towards right to work states. As a result many unions saw declines in their memberships. Last year alone, union members dropped 400,000 in the United States to 14.3 million even though national employment rose by $2.4 million. The union has seen its lowest level since 1916 at only 11.2%. Additionally, manufacturers such as Boeing and Volkswagen have expanded to non union states for continued growth. The following list of labor union slogans used in the past, can encourage continued campaigns towards increasing union members throughout the industry.

All wealth is the product of labor.
Arm in arm, stronger together. Stronger than ever.
Build baby build.
Buy American, Buy the best.
Buy worker owned products.
Child labor laws sent your kid to school, instead of a coal mine.
Direct action beats inaction.
Don’t mourn, organize.
End wage slavery.
Freedom, Democracy, Unions.
Happy Days are Here Again
I don’t cross picket lines.
I want ham and eggs. Not pie in the sky.
Its your union too.
Labor creates wealth.
Labor not capital is the source of all wealth.
Look for the union label.
Love my job. Hate my boss.
Not made in China.
Organize the unemployed.
Organized labor, the people who gave you the 40 hour work week.
Poverty pay, not the American way.
Profits are a hidden tax.
Pro-union, Pro-America, Pro-gressive.
Right to work. Code words for busting unions.
Right to work? How about a right to a job.
Stand up to the bosses.
Support pension fairness.
Support working class Americans.
Support your local trade union.
Teamsters lets roll.
There is power in the union.
They say give back. We say fight back.
Union and loving it.
Union labor, union made.
Unions are a right, not a privilege.
Unions built in the 20th century.
Unions built the middle class.
Unions made this country great.
Unions protect your right to speak, and still have a job the next day.
United we bargain, divided we beg.
US Labor Movement – An Army of One.
Vote labor.

Unions have become recognized as being a primary contributor in building the middle class. On average, union workers see a 15% more wage increases than non-union employees. Additionally union workers are provided access to work related education assistance unlike the 48% of non union workers.

How Unions Build a Stronger Middle Class

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