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41 Cool Paintball Team Names

Paintball has been around since the 1950’s but did not gain popularity until the 1980’s. It has grown since then with a wide array of operation from playing with air bunkers and other gaming inflatables. Other complementary games to paintball have risen such as Battlefield Live and Speed Ball. A listing of paintball team names from other leagues have been compiled below to help inspire your own team name.

Alpha Squad
Balls of Duty Paint Warfare
Balls of Steel
Chaos Requiem
Cold Blooded Painters
Color Blind
Color Me Happy
Colorful Balls
Fatal Assassins
Friendly Fire
Full Spectrum
Ghost Team
Grand Theft Paintball
Locked & Loaded
Lone Wolves
Most Valuable Team
Nighttime Ninjas
Paint Bandits
Paint Bombs
Paint Faction
Paint Grenade
Paint the Town
Paintball Junkies
Paintball Wizards
Paintshop Pro
Pea Shooters
Ready Aim Splat
Shooting Stars
Splat Squad
Spray Painters
Systematic Chaos
Target Painters
Team Blush
Team Honey Badger
Team Rainbow
Team World Police
The Henchmen
The Sharpshooters
Triple Threat

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