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41 Best Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Slogans

Fireworks may be pretty and fun, but they can also be dangerous. These 4th of July fireworks safety slogans are just some ways you can raise awareness and encourage others to lead with safety first this next Independence Day.

Be alert, avert fire.
Be careful with what goes up because it must eventually come down.
Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Seen.
Children and lighters don’t go together.
Don’t let the number of hand and eye injuries SKYROCKET.
Don’t carry fireworks in your pocket.
Don’t light fireworks indoors.
Don’t light fireworks on or near dry grass.
Don’t shoot fireworks off in a glass or metal container.
Don’t throw fireworks at people.
Educate your children about firework safety.
Fire Safety On.
Firecrackers are of no use, they are just environment abuse.
Fireworks should be kept in a cool, dry place.
Have a safe Fourth of July.
If you fool around with fireworks you’re crackers.
It’s not rocket science.
Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher handy.
Launch rockets from a rocket launcher not from a bottle.
Never handle a Roman Candle.
Once you light the firework, move several feet away from it.
Only jerks fool with fireworks.
Only light one fireworks device at a time.
Only use fireworks legal in your area.
Safety Ever, Fires Never.
Safety First.
Safety is gainful, accident is painful.
Safety starts with you.
Save Life. Save Property.
Stand well back when you light the fuse or your eyes again you will never use.
Start Safe. Work Safe. Finish Safe.
Stay alert, don’t get hurt.
There is nothing whacker than a lowdy cracker.
They aren’t called FIRE WORKS for nothing.
They don’t think it will happen to them.
Under Fire. Get Out Stay Out.
Use fireworks in accordance to local and state laws.
Use your head or lose your hand.
Wear safety goggles while lighting fireworks.
We’ve upped our safety standards.
Whatever burns never returns.

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