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101 Funny Animal Team Names

There are currently 14 NFL teams that are named after animals. From the Ravens to the Dolphins, animals have long been used in team names. This is popularized for various of reasons. Rather it be the environmental role the animal plays or a humorous spin on the specific animal’s behavior, a collection of funny animal team names are listed below. These have been used by others and intended to spur on your own creation of an animal team name.

Balls to the Narwhal
Bloody-Minded Tigers
Cheeky Cheetahs
Chocolate Orange Penguins
Chunky Monkeys
Cigar Smoking Monkeys
Conspiracy of Lemurs
Court of Kangaroos
Cow Tipping Dwarfs
Crack-Smoking Monkeys
Crash of Rhinos
Cross Dressing Monkeys
Daring Ducks
Deadly Scorpions
Delta Ducks
Devil Ducks
Disruptive Donkeys
Donkey Punchin Kangaroos
Drunken Sea Monkeys
Dusty Monkeys
Dynamo Chicken Kiev
Electric Elephants
Eleven Wise Monkeys
Farting Ferrets
Fever of Stingrays
Fire Breathing Cobras
Flatulent Monkeys
Fluffy White Bunnies
Flying Mortal Penguins
Funky Monkeys
Goofy Geese
Hip Hop Bunnyz
Honey Badgers
Hopping Hippos
Horde of Hamsters
Irrational Ibex
Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits
Jumping Jellyfish
Kamikaze Kangaroos
Karate Kicking Kangaroos
Kicking Kangaroos
Kung Fu Pandas
Lazy Lobsters
Legend of Super Chicken Samurai
Lightning Tigers
Magnificent Manatees
Man-Eating Squirrels
Mess of Iguanas
Monkey Spankers
Moose Knuckles
Nasty Narwhals
Nursery of Raccoons
Omniscient Octopi
Pigs Might Fly
Prickle of Porcupines
Purple Monkeys
Purple Pandas
Rainbow Butt Monkeys
Remote Control Alligators
Ridiculous Reindeer
Ripe Mature Cows
Sabre-Tooth Tigers
Salty Scorpions
Screaming Hairy Armadillos
Shadow of Jaguars
Shaolin Monkeys
Shiver of Sharks
Snakes On A Field
Snapping Turtles
Space Monkey Mafia
Spider Pigs
Swamp Donkeys
Tasseled Wobbegon
Tenacious Turtles
The Audacious Alpacas
The Bearistas
The Blobfish
The Cheeky Monkeys
The Chicken Turtles
The Chunky Monkeys
The Cobra Kais
The Doomsday Bunnies
The Husky Hedgehogs
The Mighty Penguins
The Plastered Penguins
The Rowdy Roosters
The Tired Turtles
Thunder Chickens
Thunder Ducks
Thunder of Hippos
Tie of the Tiger
Tiger Commando Squad
Tree Frogs
Trigger Happy Bunnies
Venomous Snakes
Vicious Vipers
Wind Ducks
Winking Weasels
Wisdom of Owls
Yipping Yaks
Zany Zebras

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