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40 Awesome Productivity Growth Hacks


Many people struggle with productivity, often asking themselves what others are doing that they aren’t. High-achievers are known to use different tips to increase their productivity, helping them to be better-rounded and more productive. Many of these tips have similar underlying concepts, but for our purposes, we can categorize these tips into “work-level” tips, “personal-level” tips, and “top” levels, each encompassing different facets on which to focus.

1) Personal Level
Personal-level tips are those that help you be more productive, organized and successful in your day-to-day life. Getting up earlier, getting 8 hours of sleep, not snoozing your alarm, and eating a protein-rich breakfast are all personal-level tips that you can implement into the first part of your day. Others in this category suggest such things as turning off your alerts, planning your time, checking things off a list, exercising or meditating. These are good suggestions to implement in anyone’s schedule, but especially for those that are having a hard time getting their engines running. Whoever you are, it is important to change these tips into resilient habits to keep up the desirable results

2) Work Level
Work level tips are those that help you be the best you can be in your job while still feeling able to let yourself clock out after hours and enjoy your life. These may be things like keeping your workspace more organized, breaking tasks into smaller chunks, making a to-do list, or incorporating a productivity tool. Finding different ways to make yourself more productive at work can give you some relief if you’re struggling to keep up. Who couldn’t afford to be a little less busy? By delegating your load a bit and taking more frequent breaks, you’ll not only feel less pent up after a long shift but ready to enjoy the remainder of your day rather than passing out.

3) Top Level
Top level tips are those that are meant more as guidelines for your behavior than tasks that you complete. Including ‘tips’ like, be nice to others, embrace the morning hours, find your passion, learn to say no; these tips suggest a few rules and guidelines to live by to help you achieve your goals efficiently and harmoniously. The most successful people become that way in no small part because of the habits they have and the progress they build. By encouraging minimalism in your life, you can open up some mental space that was before blocked by non-essential thoughts or things.

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