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4 Website User Experience (UX) Myths

UX Myths

Myths About Interacting With The Consumer

Sometimes old habits die hard, especially in the business/marketing world. Once they find something that they think works or has worked maybe once or twice they try and stick to it and it somehow becomes the golden rule. This article clears a few things up with a few myths involved with interacting with the consumer/user.

Users Reads

The first myth to be addressed is that users read. The real fact of the matter is that in today’s day and age with so much stimuli constantly being thrown at us from all angles there really isn’t time or any desire to read everything carefully. If things are presented in a form that has the nitty-gritty facts and directions of what we are reading the point is more likely to get across.

What Users Want

The second myth is that users know what they want. How can users know what they want exactly if it hasn’t been invented or created yet? We can have a general idea of where we want things to go, but something as precise as what a phone or a car does and how we interact with it we the normal consumer can’t come up with that.

Over Simplifying

Myth number three, you want and need to over simplify things. Not true. Sometimes when things become over simplified we feel as if something is missing. Sometimes in the case of something be over simplified an option if forgotten and therefore the user doesn’t know what to choose or what to do since none of the options fit them because it was made to be “simple”.

Evolving Users

The fourth myth presented is that the user does not change. This is a crazy myth! There are new generations of people coming of age all the time and what they want can vary the features that are needed/provided. If a product comes out that can perform better than the current product that you have (whatever that may be) you want the better one. Even if it’s merely to act as a status symbol.

Think Design

And the fifth and final myth is that you can get lucky and get a good design or product without any type of beta testing. If you want your product to be the best that it can be and have the best chance possible to let you succeed in the market then you will want to work out any bugs that there may be and make sure to fine tune it to the market that you will be presenting it to.

I’m sure there are many, many more myths out there that carry on in the marketing/business world and this article just hits a few. Next time you come across something that seems odd to you, think it through and maybe you just might prove a myth wrong.

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