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4 Most Important Marketing Metrics that Impact ROI


Marketing your business is not always easy with so many different methods to choose from and different costs. Finding the perfect balance can be a bit overwhelming. However, it is possible to use marketing metrics to help you make better decisions. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic to remember during your next marketing campaign.

1) Correct Budget
When it comes to having marketing success, it all boils down to having the right marketing budget in place. This means that you do not want to be spending too much or too little. You need to be spending just the right amount. You need to be budgeting enough to meet your growth goals. This means that you should be spending about 13% of revenue on marketing and maybe even a bit more depending on the growth goals that you have set. Businesses that have a larger marketing budget in place are the ones that are most effectively outperforming the competition.

2) Use the Right Tools
There are many different marketing tools that are available, but you need to make sure that you are using the right tools for your business. You need to be using the right tools to ensure that you have the ability to pander to buyers in different channels. The most common and popular marketing tools that you need to be using include SEO, SEM, outbound email, analytics and much more.

3) Search and Marketing
It is important for your business to rank high with search engines, but you need to analyze this data on a number of different channels. This means that you need to look at organic search results, email, paid search and social. You need to see where you stack up in all channels and what channels are most effective for your business. This will allow you to better allocate your marketing funds to have more of an impact.

4) Test
It is also important that you are willing to test your marketing content in order to see how well it performs. You need to see for yourself how well your digital marketing stacks up. This means that you need to see exactly where your content scores and how it stacks up against your competition. This will enable you to know where you need to make the biggest improvements in regards to your digital marketing campaign.

Using the data is the best way to see how your current marketing plan is performing and what changes need to be made that can make it more effective and affordable.

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