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125 Best Bike Company Names

Bicycles can offer an alternative mode of transportation that is not only healthier, but a positive environmental choice to make. Cycling also offers many health benefits such as sleeping more deeply and looking younger through reducing the signs of aging from increase oxygen and nutritents received by your skin cells. Cycling can also help you fight against illness and increase brain power by building new cells in the hippocampus. The following series of bicycle company names are from retailers around the United States that focus on the sale of bicycles.

A Bicycle Odyssey
Alki Bike & Board
Alpha Bicycle Company
American Star Bicycle
Art’s Cyclery
Barnes Cycle Company
Basso Bikes
Big Tree Bikes
Bike Barn
Bike Friday
Bike Saviours Bicycle
Bike Works
Boardman Bikes
Bohemian Bicycles
Branford Bike
Brodie Bicycles
Burley Design
Campion Cycle Company
Chicago Bicycle Company
Cooper Bikes
Cycle Force Group
Cycles Devinci
Dawes Cycles
Delmar Electric Bike Company
Derby Cycle
Diamondback Bicycles
Dutch Bike Company
Flying Pigeon
Focus Bikes
Free Range Cycles
Freeride Bike Co.
Fuji Bikes
Fun Bike Center
Geco Bike Company
Gendron Bicycles
Gladiator Cycle Company
Green Iron Bicycle Co.
Hampsten Cycles
Haro Bikes
Hase Bikes
Hero Cycles
Ideal Bikes
InCycle Bicycles
Inky’s Bicycle Company
Iron Horse Bicycles
Ivel Cycle Works
JT Bicycle Co.
Kogswell Cycles
Lightning Cycle Dynamics
Malvern Star
Melon Bicycles
Mercian Cycles
Missing Link Bicycle
Mission Bicycle
Montlake Bicycle Shop
Mr. Bike Shop
Muddy Fox
Norman Cycles
Old Town Bicycle
Olive Wheel Company
Orange Mountain Bikes
Orient Bikes
Pacific Cycle
Pashley Cycles
Performance Bicycle
Phillips Cycles
Pierce Cycle Company
Planet X Bikes
Pocket Bicycles
Procycle Group
Pure Cycles
Quadrant Cycle Company
Quality Bicycle Products
R+E Cycles
Rack N Road
Rainbow Bicycle Company
Rans Designs
Redline Bicycles
Resicycle Bike Co.
Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Seven Cycles
Shelby Cycle Company
Star Cycle Company
State Bicycle Company
Stelber Cycle Corp
SvR Design Company
Swift Industries
Swing Bike
The Bike Company
Thorn Cycles
Trek Bicycle Corporation
Triumph Cycle
Turner Suspension Bicycles
Uppadine Cycles
US Bike Company
Velo Transit
Velocite Bikes
Viking Cycles
Waterford Precision Cycles
West End Bicycles
Western Flyer
Wilderness Trail Bikes
Worksman Cycles
Wright Cycle Company
Yeti Cycles

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The below infographic outlines the safety statistics and risks of cyclists on the road. Every year, an average of 17,000 cyclists are killed or injured. An estimatgd 20% of these are children cyclists. Approximately half of cyclist deaths occur on rural roads with 16% of casualities the result of a hit and run.

Bicycle Safety Statistics

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