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39 Awesome Facts About Billion Dollar Brands


The most popular and favorite brands are the ones that have just been embedded into your mind. These are the brands that you see and hear over and over again until they are a part of popular culture. You might think that you know everything about the most popular brands, but there are some secrets that lie behind the logo. It is time that you learned a few things about the world’s most famous brands that you likely did not know. Here are the biggest takeaways from this infographic.

1) Starbucks
This is a brand that is all about coffee. They took coffee and changed the game up by selling different types of coffees in many different ways. There is no such thing as a simple coffee when you go into Starbucks. You might not know it, but the unique round tables that fill the space in Starbucks were specifically designed. They wanted round tables to fill the space to ensure that customers did not feel like they were alone when they were by themselves at a table. A round table looks less lonely than a square table that seats only one person. This means that the round tables in Starbucks are there for a reason.

2) Pepsi
You might know about Pepsi, but you likely do not know where this name cam from. Pepsi is one of the most popular brands and drinks in existence. It is the only thing that rivals coke and it has a very unique name. The name for Pepsi actually came from the enzyme pepsin that is an important part of the digestive system. The name does not seem quite as glamorous once you know what it is derived from. Who would have guessed that the name Pepsi would be attached to the intricate digestive system?

3) McDonalds
This might be one of the most popular fast food chains that exists, but it did not always start out this way. You might think that cheeseburgers have always been on the menu at McDonalds, but the truth is that this fast food chain actually started out by having hot dogs for sale. They did not have the type of success that they see today until they switched things up and started selling burgers. Once they switched over to the burger they became one of the most popular restaurants and expanded in a way that very few chains have done before.

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