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38 Volleyball Intramural Team Names

Intramural sports is a great way for colleges to gather active participation with campus activities and competition. However, the best of athletes may find themselves representing the college itself in high competitive sports, gearing towards a potentially professional career. Success with this can lead to college scholarships. Women see more money in the NCAA that participate in 11 of the total 14 sports than men do. Men’s hockey tends to see the largest payouts overall. On average, less than 0.8% of high school athletes will go on to play in Division I School. The following collection of volleyball intramural team names are for those that participate in intramural sports on their campus.

Always Hi
Back that Pass Up
Benders and Dribblers
Blazing Nuggets
Bump Set Psyche
Dog Pirate
Hi 5’s
Hit It
Honey Badgers
Kick Ace
Kiss My Pass
Morgan Hack
NARP Nation
Pop A Volley
Raging Hurricanes
Safe Sets
Served Hot
Serves You Right
Shocking Towers
Sig Delts and Pi Kaps
Skillz 4 Killz
Sloppy Sets
Smash VBallz
Team Dancing Monkey Cats
Team Ticklr
The Big Dig
The Hasbeens
The Mighty Rapids
The Phoenix & Dolphins
The Young, Wild, and Phi
Victorious Secret
You Shall Not Pass

The average NCAA scholarship is for $10,4000 with the average tuition rate being $20,000 at a NCAA school. Of the Division I participants, 1 in every 25 students will become a professional in their sport. The following infographic outlines the statistics and facts about college sports.

Sports Scholarship Statistics

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