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39 Crazy Social Media Sharing Statistics


Social networks are becoming more and more popular as many people are signing up for their own accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. With that being said, reaching out to a group of people can be incredibly simple if you are provided with the opportunity to know what they are sharing and how often they are sharing it with their social circles. Facebook is the highest social sharing activity worldwide as of 2016. Below is some interesting information pertaining to the most popular shared objects on social networks.

What Users Share

Users share many different things on their social networking sites such as:

• Pictures – 43%
• Opinions – 26%
• Status Updates – 26%
• Article Links – 26%
• Personal Recommendations – 25%
• News Pieces – 22%
• Website Links – 21%
• Video Clips – 17%
• Trip/Vacation Plans – 9%

Popular Activities Based on Website

Every social networking website has its own array of benefits and people will flock to them for a variety of purposes. As an example, people who use Facebook and Google+ are more likely to share photos than people who use Twitter, as it is mostly used for activity updates. Over 476.59 million people upload and share photos from their computers to Facebook and over 206.74 million people use Google+ for the same purpose on a daily basis. Depending on the task that you want to perform, you will have a reliable platform for the task.

Why People Use Social Networking Sites

Another interesting aspect of social networking sites pertains to why people use them in the first place. There are a variety of different reasons as to why your friends and family members may be using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Some of the most common reasons include:

1. Using social media to stay in contact with their friends and family members, otherwise they wouldn’t talk to each other as often.
2. Showing a larger demographic that they care about certain issues or support particular causes.
3. Relying on social media to connect them with other people that have the same interests in the hope of networking and making new friends.

General Sharing Statistics

The main purpose of social media websites is to provide a reliable platform where people can communicate with one another and share interesting information. With that being said, there are over 4.75 different items that are shared solely on Facebook every day with 66% of that information being shared from mobile devices. This helps to show just how popular social media is in regards to users around the world.

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