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101 Best Catchy Spray Tan Company Names

Spray tans are a much more healthy and quicker alternative to traditional sun tanning. It is becoming more and more popular every day. This boom in popularity is also making it a very profitable business venture. The first key to owning a successful spray tan company is a great name. A good name helps you to stand out from the rest. Here is a wonderful list of existing spray tan businesses to give you some ideas.

360 Tans
A Better Tan
Airbrushed Beauties
All About That Base Tan
All About That BRONZE!
Aruba Tan
Bare Tan
Beach Babies
Beach Booth Tanning Salon
Beach Bum Tanning
Bella Bella Tanning Salon
Bella Bronze Tan
Boca Tanning
Brazil Bronze
Bronz Body Tan
Bronze 365
Bronze Beauty
Bronzed On The Glo
Color Me Beautiful Tanning
Dark Magic Tanning Salon
Darque Tan
Downtown Spray Tanning
Eclipse Sunless Tanning Salon
Faux Glow
Fly Spray Tan
Forever Tan
Fun Tan
Future Tan
Get Sun Kissed
Get Sun Kissed!
Gotham Glow
Hollywood Tans
House Of Tanning
Image Tan
In The Mist Tanning
L.A. Sun Spray Tan
Light 2 Dark Tanning Studio
Liquid Sun
Live Your Tantasy
Malibu Tan
Melrose Tanning Company
Miami Beach Spray Tan
Miracle Tans
Mission Tanning Salon
Mystic Tans
Nautica Tan
Oasis Tanning
Ortanic Gold Coast
Outta This World Tanning Salon
Pacific Tanning
Palm Beach Tan
Perfect Tan
Picture Perfect Tans
Planet Beach
Pure Tanning
Sandy Tans
Sculpt & Glow
Secret Sun Salon
Shimmer Me Tanning
Silverlake Sun
Simply Sun Tanning Salon
Skin So Bronze
Sobe Tan
Solar Dimensions Tanning Salons
Solar Salon
Spray Nation
sTANd up Tanning Salon
Sun Club
Sun Room Tanning
Sunkist Tans
Sunless Beauty
Sunlounge Tanning
Sunshine Tanning
Super Bodies Tanning
Sweetheart Tan
Tammy Tanning Salon
Tan Bella
Tan Genie
Tangible Tanning
Tanning Emporium
Tan-on Spray Salon
The Afterglow
The Magic Airbrush
The Magic Booth
The Solar Lounge
The Tanning Place
The UV Emporium
Totally Tanning
Tropical Tan
Twilight Tans
Ultramax Tans
Universe Tans
Uptown Tanning
VIP Tanning Salon

This wonderful and educational video gives all sorts of information on starting your very own spray tanning business. It is very informative and valuable to anyone who is looking to get into this business.

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