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37 Strange Facts About Kissing


Kissing is much more than two lips pressed against each other. How long has kissing been around? Why is the term kissing used? There are many questions that are associated with philematology, which is the scientific term for kissing. Learning more about the science of kissing will enable you to have a better understanding and might even help you in the love department. You can never know too much about kissing.

Facts About Kissing

Here are a few kissing facts that will turn you into an expert on the topic:

Kiss My What?
Everyone knows that kissing involves lips, but it has also become a part of language. The phrase “Kiss my ass” is designed to be derogatory and is used as a type of insult. This insult is not new at all and was first used around 1705. This means that insulting others with kissing is a part of culture that dates back hundreds of years. Who knew insults were a part of the 1700’s?

That is a Long Kiss
You might not realize it but the longest kiss in recorded history lasted over 31 hours. This is longer that a full day and really makes you wonder how chapped their lips were once the kiss was over. There was an awful lot of bacteria exchanged during this kiss, because every kiss involves the swapping of 10 million to a billion bacteria. This brings new meaning to knowing where someone’s mouth has been before you kiss. It is good to know that kissing is said to be healthy for your teeth due to the fact that it adds more saliva to your mouth, which helps to reduce plaque. This means that your dentist should encourage kissing at your next appointment.

How is Kissing Done?
There might be a science to kissing, but everyone does it in their own way. However, the majority of people slightly tilt their head to the right when they kiss. Many researchers have found that this preference to the right side is something that is developed in the womb. There is also research that suggests breast feeding or bottle feeding plays an impact on how you kiss, because kissing closely mimics the act of sucking. It is strange to think that how you were as a baby affects how you will kiss as an adult. Who knew there was so much pressure from birth?

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