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37 Memorable Urban Blog Names

Living the urban lifestyle means that certain lifestyle habits are different from those that live in suburban based communities. From fashion to gardening to entertainment, these great urban blog names from existing bloggers highlight the best way to adapt and embrace city living.

Bike Citizens
Center for Urban Agriculture
City Lab
Drought Proof Urban Gardening
Epic Gardening
Green City Growers
Growing Your Greens
Hobby Farms
Modern Chic Magazine
Momentum Mag
Next City
Port Towns and Urban Cultures
Street Art News
The Urban Farmer
The Urban Gentleman
The Urban Guide
The Urban Homestead
The Urban Umbrella
The Urban Vertical Farming Project
Travels of Adam
Urban Adventures
Urban Agriculture
Urban Exploration
Urban Farm U
Urban Gardens
Urban Hub
Urban Jungle Bloggers
Urban Organic Gardener
Urban Spree
Urban Survival Site
Urban Swank
Urban Travel Blog
We the Urban
You Grow Girl

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