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41 Halloween Marketing and Advertising Slogans

Over 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced each year in the United States alone. These are used in the celebration of Halloween, whereas 36 million children partake in this yearly celebration. To inspire your own celebrating of this season, the following Halloween marketing and advertising slogans have been used by others to capture the spooky side of this holiday.

A real witch in disguise.
Boo to you from our Crew.
Bugs and Hisses to you!
Carve Out Some Good Times.
Don’t hate me because I’m a witch!
Don’t hate me because I’m boo-tiful.
Don’t make me call my flying monkeys!
Eat , drink and be scary.
Free broom with flying lessons!
gHOSTESS with the Mostest.
Ghosts have real spirit!
Ghosts were people too.
Ghosts, Goblins, Monsters and more will come walking through the door.
Ghouls just wanna have fun.
Got Treats?
Halloween isn’t just for candy anymore!
Halloween night is lots of fun but if you see a monster, run, run, run!
Happy Haunting!
I love my Mummy.
I was so scared I BOOed in my pants.
I’m scarey enough without a costume.
I’m the treat!
I’m too cute to spook.
Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare!
Just hanging out with my Goul-friends.
Never summon anything you can’t banish.
On Halloween night, you’re sure to have a fright.
Remember the Gh’oul times.
That’s witch-ful thinking.
Time for a coffin break.
Trick or Treat, be so sweet, give me something good to eat!
Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!
Trust me I’m a Zombie.
Witch Parking, all others will be toad.
We’ll Scare You Silly.
Zombies are roaming the street, so you better be fast on your feet.
Zombies just want hugs.

Halloween is not just a time for candy. 46% of Americans crave pumpkin during this time of year and is considered low in calories, fat, and sodium. The following infographic outlines statistics of the Halloween season by the numbers.
Halloween Statistics and Facts

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