29 Catchy Safety Slogans for Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry supplies a large amount of jobs to people all over the world. While it is a great source of employment, it is also the second most dangerous job field to work within. There have been thousands of deaths due to negligence, accidents, and safety problems while on the job. Safety is the number one priority for oil rig workers, which is why it is so important to keep safety reminder signs posted at all times. Here are some great slogans that can be implemented to prevent injuries or deaths of workers.

A Careful Workman Is The Best Safety Device.
Accidents Are Avoidable!
Alert Today. Alive Tomorrow.
An Accident Is Only An Attitude Away.
Be Alert! Accidents Hurt.
Building Safety Into Everything We Do.
Carelessness Equals Joblessness.
It’s A Good Sign…If Safety’s On Your Mind.
Keep It Safe & Sound.
Keep Safety In Mind On The Job, On The Road, and at Home.
Make Every Move A Safe One.
Make Safety A Way Of Life.
Remember Your ABC’s. Always Be Careful.
Safety Glasses. All In Favor Say EYE!
Safety Has No Quitting Time.
Safety Is Everyone’s Full Time Job.
Safety Is Gainful, Accident Is Painful.
Safety is Job #1!
Safety Is Our Goal, What’s Yours?
Safety Is The Tool For LIFE.
Safety Never Hurts!
Safety. It’s a Choice. Not a Chance.
Save Fuel for Next Generations.
Stop! Think! Act!
Think Before You Act, Keep Your Hands Clear.
Think Safety Today, Be Alive Tomorrow.
Those Who Work The Safest Way Live To Work Another Day.
To Avoid A Scene Keep The Workplace Clean.
Use The Right Tool For The Job.

This incredible documentary is about the BP oil spill of 2010. It was one of the biggest oil rig accidents in history. This is just a small taste of things that can go terribly wrong when working on an oil rig, especially when safety isn’t the main concern.