39 Great Soap Company Names

Soap is a primary product used in not only daily hygiene but in shortening the spread of disease. Some of the earliest accounts of soap date back to 3500 year old Ancient Egypt where aromatic oils were used for washing and curing skin diseases. This moved forward onto the Roman civilization where medical books dictated the benefits off health and life with the use of soap. After the fall of the Empire, all hygiene practices were lost which enabled the spread of diseases and shortened the average human life span to only 35 years old. Even to today’s time we seem more natural and organic soap creations that appeal to peoples cleanliness routines. The following catalog of soap company names exist around the United States and serve as an example of great small businesses that brand themselves.

All Lathered Up
Barnstar Soaps
Beautiful Soap & Co.
Bella Soap Co. Inc.
Carmel by the Sea Soap Co.
Castle Peak Soap Co.
Cloverland Soap & Candle Co.
Coronado Soap Company
Creede Soap & Candle Co.
Feather Falls Soap Co.
Glisten Soap Co.
Green Soap Inc.
Heart’s Desire Soap Co.
Heavenly Scents
Home and Body Co.
Laughing Baby Soap Co.
Monarch Soap
Natural Soap Shop
Natures Emporium Soap Co.
Northern Lights Soap Co.
Pacific Paradise Soap o.
Paradise Road Soap Co.
Pine Meadows
Prairie Meadows Herbal Soap Co.
Rock Star Soap
Silver Witch Soap Company
Soap Creative
Soap Mat LLC
Soap Opera
Soap’s Up
Summit Soap Company
The Old Town Soap Company
The Soap Kitchen
The Soap Salon
Tomboy Soap Co.
Ugly Duckling Soap LLC
Vagabond Soap Co.
Vintage Suds Soap Co.

Maintaining god hygiene of washing your hands regularly can help reduce the spread of disease and infection. Doctors that did not wash between autopsies and exams of expectant mothers increased the rusk of women to contract fever 6x more likely. Over 2 million Americans contract an infection while in the hospital each year. The main source of this spread in hospitals is nurses and doctors not washing their hands enough. The below infographic outlines interest statistics and facts about the importance of soap and washing.

Interesting Facts About Importance of Hand Washing