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39 Good Marine Company Names

The recreational boating industry has seen an industry increase of 10% in sales due to growing recreational boating demands. Boats that are less than 27 feet in size account for over 12.4 million registered boats. In 2011, boating increased 10%, with the largest portion of adults boating since the late 90’s. The following collection of marine company names is compiled from existing marine businesses and manufacturers.

Aquarius Marine Company
Argent Marine Companies
Atlantic Marine Construction Co.
Avia Marine Co.
Bisso Marine
BTT Marine Construction Company
Buffalo Marine Services
CDI Marine Company
CoBra Marine Company
Dockside Marine Supply Company
DonJon Marine Co.
Dredge Central LLC
EPIC Divers and Marine
Foss Maritime Company
Harley Marine Service
Hawaii Marine Company
Higman Marine
Interim Containment System
Marine Chartering Co.
Marine Well Containment Company
Marinette Marine Corporation
Odyssey Marine Exploration
Orion Marine Group Inc.
Paxton Company
Phoenix Marine Company
Raymarine Marine Electronics
Ryba Marine Construction Company
Seaboard Marine
Shoreline Marine
Springfield Marine
SSA Marine
The Evolution Company
Tri Marine Group
Weeks Marine
West Marine

Shark tourism has an annual value of $47.5 million in tourism. A reef shark brings in $1.9 million for tourism in Palau alone. The importance of sharks exist in their ability to maintain balance among marine ecosystems. The below infographic takes a look at current marine life statistics.


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