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39 Dairy Industry Statistics and Trends

Dairy Industry Statistics and Trends

Dairy farms are found in all 50 states of the United States to include Puerto Rico. Dairy is found to be the number one agriculture business for California, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Here are some statistics and trends found to exist within the dairy industry.

Dairy Industry Market

1. California is responsible for more milk than any other state.
2. Dairy farms are strong contributors to their local economy.
3. The dairy industry is estimated to produce $140 billion in economic output.
4. The dairy industry is responsible for $29 billion in earnings.
5. It has also produced over 900,000 jobs.
6. Expected to see a 0.8% increase up to 2015.

Dairy Industry by US Region

Midwest Region
1. Produced 61 billion pounds of milk.
2. Houses over 3 million dairy cows.
3. Produces 32% of US total dairy production.

Northwest Region
1. Produced 26 billion pounds of milk.
2. Houses 1.16 million dairy cows.
3. Produces 12.5% of US total dairy production.

Southwest Region
1. Produced 62.8 billion pounds of milk.
2. Houses 2.8 million dairy cows.
3. Produces 30% of US total dairy production.

East Coast Region
1. Produced 43.3 billion pounds of milk.
2. Houses 2.3 million dairy cows.
3. Produces 25% of US total dairy production.

A Day at a Dairy Farm

The following video is a part of a documentary the showcases a day in the life of a dairy farmer and how the cows are raised and cared for. Featured new technology is seen that makes milk production easier and more effective.

Global Market

1. Considered the sixth largest in the world when it comes to milk production and represents 1/10th of the total milk production.
2. 13% of national milk protection is sent to places such as New Zealand, Canada, and Italy.
3. Annual export volume was equal to $3.71 billion with 193 pound of produced milk.
4. Per capital consumption for those that drink milk was 204.8 pounds.
5. Per capital consumption of cheese was 33.2 pounds.

Percentage of Dairy Industry Exports

1. Total pounds of US milk solids exported – $3.04 billion
2. Percent of US milk production exported – 12.8%
3. Percent of US whey proteins exported – 55%
4. Percent of US skim milk powder/nonfat dry milk exported – 47%
5. Percent of US butterfat exported – 7.9%
6. Percent of US cheese exported – 3.7%

Top 5 Dairy States and Market Share

The following list is of the top 5 dairy states and their market share.

1. California – 20.9%
2. Wisconsin – 13.3%
3. New York – 6.6%
4. Idaho – 6.4%
5. Pennsylvania – 5.6%

Dairy Industry Market Share

The following segements in the dairy industry own the following market share.

1. Cold Cereal: $9 billion
2. Yogurt Production: $978.9 million
3. Buttermilk: $125.3 million

The Nutritional Value of Dairy

Milk, cheese, and yogurt accounts for 48% of your daily nutritional value needed in protein. This helps to naturally build strong muscles. More milk is produced today with 9 million cows than it was in the 1940’s with 26 million cows. The following infographic outlines interesting statistics about the benefits of dairy.

Nutritional Value of Milk

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