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37 Compelling Social Media Team Structure Statistics


Could Your Organization Use a Social Media Team?

42% of businesses that have a social media team really just have one person who updates a website in their spare time. Though the number 42 may be considered as the meaning of life to some, there really is no life in having someone haphazardly updating Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites when they can carve a couple moments out of their spare time. A well thought-out social media post can generate more traffic than newspaper ads, television commercials, and all other forms of traditional advertising combined can. That’s why more organizations than ever are hiring social media specialists who dedicate their time to creating valuable marketing content that is posted on the official organization pages and accounts.

Social Media Isn’t Just About Content Creation

Though social media is often used to engage new targeted visitors in the hopes that they’ll become customers, there is more depth to what a social media team does than just post status updates. A social media team can interact with individuals online to form relationships with potential customers. They can proactively resolve customer service issues that might creep up to reduce complaints that could negatively affect an organization’s online reputation. A social media team can even create relationships with similar businesses so that more leverage within a niche can be obtained! If you want to position your organization as an expert in your field, it makes sense to have a team of people working together to make that happen on a full time basis.

Only 5% of Organizations Are Satisfied With Their Social Media Presence

Despite the fact that a vast majority of companies don’t like their social media presences, only about 20% of companies plan to do anything about it in the next 12 months. This means an organization has the ability to gain a competitive edge within their field with a dedicated social media team. The most common complaint against having a better presence is a lack of time… well, a dedicated team of individuals will have the time to make a large splash in the social media pond. Organic leads created through social media close nearly 8 times more often than outbound marketing efforts, so even if it doesn’t seem like a dedicated social media team will pay off immediately, it really could.

It’s About Having the Right Skills

Having writing skills and experience is often the primary needs of an organization looking for a social media specialist. A degree in a business, marketing, or public relations field can help, but knowledge is more important than a piece of paper on the wall. Whether the goal of your organization is to increase brand awareness, have more overall web traffic, or to generate new leads, a creative and well written post will do as much as a full sales presentation can do in person. If you are looking for a competitive edge in your field, consider having a dedicated team of social media specialists working for you. Chances are your budget will love you for that decision by this time next year.

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