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37 Awesome Student Blog Names

Moving along a path of academic pursuit requires commitment and an ability to remain motivated and focused. These great student blog names from existing bloggers serve as the perfect example to the type of blogs you can create for yourself.

Across the Pond
Around the World
Best Student Halls
College Ave Corner
College Info Geek
College Tourist
Exam Grade Booster Blog
High Street Beauty Junkie
Homes for Students
Kid Blog
Lets Intern Blog
Liberty Living
ReachIvy Blog
Save the Student
Student Caffé Blog
Student Debt Relief
Student Hack
Student Hacks
Student Loan Hero
Student Loan Planner
Student Minds
Student Safety
The Careers Blog
The ClassDojo Blog
The College Fever
The Daily Duke
The Healthy Hangover
The Learning Scientists Blog
The Red Pen
The Student Affairs Collective
The Student Newspaper
The Student Room
We Create Awesome
Women of Color

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