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101 Creative and Funny Sales Team Names

Having a successful sales team means that each salesperson must breed an attitude of success to make the sale. Some of the primary skills to success is knowing your product and customer, building relationships, having no fear when it comes to the word no, and driving emotional based sales. The following selection of funny sales team names can be used in the workplace to creative friendly sale competition and incentive based rewards.

Aggressive Achievers
Alpha Advocates
Ask to Answers
B2B Bandits
BD Bulldozers
BD Dominators
Business As Usual
Business Bulldogs
Captains of Commerce
Cold Call Captains
Commission: Possible
Commissioners of Cold Calling
Corporate Pirates
C-Suite Sellers
Defenders of Truth
Dynamite Dealers
Earning Eagles
Elite Group
Empty Coffee Cups
Executive Authority
Fans of the Boss
Fast and Furious
Fast Talkers
Fear This
Fearless Leaders
Feet on the Street
Foreign Policy
Golden Hawks
Gulf Coast Rhinos
Hot Shots
Hounds in the Pound
Insomnia Annihilators
Insurance Mafia
Its Business Time
Keep Calm & Sell On
Leaders of the Hunt
Miracle Workers
Mission: Possible
Money Makers
Never Fail
No Fear
Omaha’s Elite
Out of Box Insights
Out of Control
Out of the Box Insights
Over Achievers
Over to You
Peak Performers
Pit Bull Crew
Power Sales
Product Pushers
Prospect Persuaders
Quality Control
Real Men of Genius
Retired Brains
Reveneue Revelers
Risky Business
Sales on a Sail
Sales Xpress
Service First, Sales Second
Smart Developers
Solution Sellers
Sons of Strategy
Spin Sellers
Stock Holderz
Sultans of Sales
Super Sellers
Team ABC (Always Be Closing)
Team Concept
Team Innovation
Team Intelligence
Team Prosperity
Territory Tyrants
The Achievers
The Company Men
The Credit Crunchers
The Drive Byers
The Entrepreneurs
The Generals
The Mavericks
The People Persons
The Rat Pack
The Sellouts
The Stock Market Dominators
The Target Markets
The Tycoons
The Value Propositions
Think Tank Exchange
Two Thumbs Up!
Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers
Wheeler Dealers

Some important skills to salespeople are having the ability to present information, generate sale pitches, detect prospects, and negotiate. Salespeople should be able to network, build relationships, and work towards closing a deal when the opportunity arises. The below infographic outlines the mind of a salesperson.

Sales Manager Traits

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