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35 Spectacular Quotes from The Energy Bus

This international best seller by Jon Gordon reveals how to progress forward in your life and work while maintaining positive energy. Filled with stories of adversity and engaging stories, here are some great quotes from ‘The Energy Bus.’

“As you drive you want to keep asking people to get on. The worst they can say is no. If you don’t ask they won’t know to get on. Plus, the more people you pick up along the way the more energy you create during your ride. The goal is to eventually have a standing room only bus and since this is an energy bus it is always expanding so you’ll always be able to add more people.”

“Being grateful floods the body and brain with positive endorphins and emotions and combined with walking is a powerful energy booster.”

“But I do know that if you want to change your situation you must first change your thoughts. Because if you keep on thinking what you have been thinking you’ll keep on getting what you have been getting.”

“Desire, vision, and focus help you turn the bus in the right direction but positive energy is necessary to take you where you want to go. Every day when we look at the gas pump of life we have a choice between positive energy and negative energy. Positive energy is high octane fuel for the ride of your life while negative energy causes sludge to accumulate in your energy pipeline.”

“Did you know you can take your bus anywhere you want to go? Say yes three times with me. Yes, yes, yes. You can take it to the movies, the beach or the North Pole. Just say where you want to go and believe that it will be so. Because every journey and ride begins with a desire to go somewhere and do something and if you have a desire then you also have the power to make it happen.”

“Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on your bus.”

“Dust on gold doesn’t change the nature of gold.”

“Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride.”

“Every person and every team will be tested on their journey. It is part of the curriculum of life. It’s just like riding a bicycle. In the beginning you’re going to fall off and get knocked down but the important thing is to get back on, stay strong, and after a while once you master it you’ll ride with the confidence of a champion.”

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands as my man Richard Bach says. You can choose to see the curse or the gift. And this one choice will determine if your life is a success story or one big soap opera.”

“Fuel your ride with positive energy.”

“Have fun and enjoy the ride.”

“I am not bound to win; I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light that I have.”

“If you are complaining you can’t be thinking about or creating what you do want.”

“Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead.”

“It takes a crisis for so many of us to change.”

“It’s not easy to deal with the negativity in the world but it’s something that’s got to be done. Your success and life are so important that you must surround yourself with a positive support team.”

“Letting people share their gifts and strengths is real love.”

“Love is the answer for the team’s success.”

“Negative people often tend to create negative cultures whereas positive corporate cultures are created by positive people.”

“Positive energy and positive people create positive results. There is certainly a lot of negativity in the world and choosing positive energy helps us deal with the negative people and negative situations that can knock us off course.”

“Positive energy is like muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the more powerful you become. Repetition is the key and the more you focus on positive energy the more it becomes your natural state.”

“Purpose is the ultimate fuel for our journey through life. When we drive with purpose we don’t get tired or bored and our engines don’t burn out.”

“Remember, you have only one ride through life so give it all you got and enjoy the ride.”

“Sometimes we have to see what we don’t want, to know what we do want.”

“The closer you get to truth, the simpler and more powerful the lessons become.”

“The goal in life is to live young, have fun, and arrive at your final destination—as late as possible—with a smile on your face, because this would mean that you truly enjoyed the ride.”

“The more energy you spend worrying about the people who didn’t get on your bus, the less you will have for the people who are on your bus. And if you are worrying about the people who didn’t get on your bus you won’t have the energy to keep on asking new people to get on.”

“There are people who increase your energy and there are people who drain your energy. I call the people who drain your energy Energy Vampires and they will suck the life out of you and your goals and vision if you let them.”

“This is your crisis but it’s also your opportunity. Every crisis offers an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. ”

“Thoughts are magnetic. What we think about we attract.”

“We can’t control the events in our life but we can control how we perceive them and our perception and response to the events determine our outcome.”

“When you fuel up with purpose you find the excitement in the mundane, the passion in the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

“You can’t go somewhere if you don’t have a vision of where you want to go.”

“You haven’t failed until you stop trying.”

Jon Gordon shares a true story about ‘The Energy Bus’ and the ten rules to fuel your life, work, and team. Understanding how to overcome challenges and stay positive are instrumental to your future success.

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