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35 Online Advertising Tips for Entrepreneurs


Here are some key points provided by this infographic to serve as a guide to your online advertising strategy.

1) Important Acronyms
If you are new to online advertising, you should know a few very important acronyms. These are often used in conversations, courses, trainings, and message boards pertaining to online advertising. Without knowing these terms, you could very well be left in the dark on very valuable information. You also may not fully understand all of the marketing schemes that you are investing in.

2) Social Media Usage
Social media is a very powerful online advertising tool. This sort of advertising is great for getting to better know your customer base. On both Facebook and Twitter you can set a budget for the amount of money you want to spend on an ad, easily. Just understand that both these forms of advertising can take a lot of time investment. The people you interact with will not always be customers, either.

3) Google AdWords
While it might be difficult for the beginner, millions of businesses are using Google AdWords. Even with these small ads, lots are finding that advertising on in-demand keywords (through bidding for them) can seriously pay off. Plus, you only pay for the number of clicks that you get. Just choose the keyword(s) that you bid on wisely. They should be relevant to your site.

4) Real Time Bidding
RTB is great if you want an interested audience to see your ad. In this model, advertisers bid to place ads, graphics, etc. on webpages as the webpage itself loads. Advertisers set their own prices, here. But the payoff is often pretty efficient compared to other methods. You will, however, have to monitor these ads.

5) Pros and Cons of Retargeting
Retargeting, although it may seem like a great idea, is not such a great idea. Businesses that use this sort of marketing can be seen as invading the privacy of customers. You will, on the other hand, learn a lot about your customers. Even though giants like Google and Facebook do it that does not mean that all businesses can get away with it. Try something else before resorting to retargeting.

6) Keep Trying!
Most importantly, remember to keep trying when it comes to online marketing. Try a variety of marketing methods. Give one that you have never tried before a quick whirl. You might find that it is actually very effective for your business. When something does not work, simply stop doing it, or change it up.

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