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35 Ideas for Funny BBQ Team Names

In the Barbecue industry, gas grills dominate with shipment sales accounting for 57% of sales. The following segments are broken down to charcoal and electric shipments. The peak sales season is seen during the summer months towards Labor Day. Increasing innovations have been occurring with safety measures towards propane tanks and additional cooking elements. Portable and powerful grills are also increasing in demand that are lightweight and include new features. The following selection of funny BBQ team names are listed from existing BBQ teams that have competed and participate in making the finest foods in the United States.

Backdraft BBQ
Backstreet BBQ
Big Red’s Barbecue
Border War Smokers
Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Fat Willies Barbecue
Feed the Munchies
Filipino Jalapenos
French Toast Mafia
Gingerbread Men
Got the Runs
Grill Crazy
Hell Raisin Jalapenos
Hot Grill on Grill Action
Jalapeno Hotties
Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits
Kung Fu Panda Coco Pops
Metamorphic Killing Flaming Marshmallows
MooCow BBQ
Old Dog BBQ
Pigsicle BBQ
Pork Butt and Chicken Legs
Ribbed for your Pleasure
Screw Balls
Shakers and Bakers
Slap Yo Daddy BBQ
Soup A Stars
Stoke & Smoke BBQ
Stumps Stretch & Baby
The Cereal Killers
The Smoke N Barrel
The Tuna Tasters
Too Sauced to Pork
WingNutz BBQ

The following infographic provides a visual guide to BBQ in America. Rather it be beef or pork, the typical yield of beef is over 715 lbs and pork at 184 lbs. Based on the different regions within the United States, barbecue tastes can vary. When smoking meat, wood types used can alter flavors and are ideal for certain types of meat. Alder wood is idea for dish while cherry is good for poultry and pork. Additional tips for barbecuers are located below.

Guide to BBQ in the US

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