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35 Catchy Board Game Slogans

Board games are not just fun, but can also be mentally challenging focused on strategy and patience. The most famous board game of all time is considered to be Chess followed by Checkers and Monopoly. Hollywood has even created movies off of famous board games such as Clue and Candyland. The following series of board game slogans are from famous titles that have made their way through generations of game players.

A child’s first game.
A colored card game.
A family game.
A game for your whole brain.
A game of culture, crisis, conflict, and civilization.
A game of discovery, settlement, and trade.
A game of zany action on a crazy contraption.
America’s favorite word game.
An unsolved mystery with the usual suspects.
Crossword game.
Mentally stimulating diversions.
Skill game where you are a doctor.
The catch it, guess it, pass it game.
The class up and down game for preschoolers.
The class word association game.
The classic bluffing game.
The classic game of India.
The classic naval combat game.
The classic shake, score, and shout dice game.
The family game of visual perception.
The flip n find face game.
The frantic marble munching game.
The game of global domination.
The game of hilarious comparisons.
The game of international intrigue.
The game of quick draw.
The game of sweet revenge.
The game of unspeakable fun.
The game that ties you up in knots.
The original mystery face guessing game.
The original trivia game.
The three minute word search game.
The ultimate stacking game.
The vertical checkers game.
The world’s most popular board game.

The following infographic outlines the history of board games dating back to 500 B.C. Games have been used to not only occupy free time, but as illustrations to real life events. This is seen in the 1903 creation of the Landlord Game that served as the precursor to Monopoly. This games was focused on illustrating the negative aspects of monopolies. More modern day games such as Dungeons and Dragons left to the influential works of J.R.R Tolkien and Lewis Carroll.

Board Games History

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