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125 Best Juice Company Names

The juice industry has seen growing trends in fruit juices and mixtures that are geared towards natural selection and organic mixes. With recent attacks made on consuming high fructose corn syrup, juice companies are coming up with other ways to introduce more natural sugar tastes through combinations of certain fruits and vegetables. A collection of small and independent juice company names are compiled below to include some larger and more popular juice brands from the industry.

99 Splash
Acai Roots
Agro Innova
Aguas Castillo
Berry Blendz
Beverage Concepts
Biotta, Inc.
Bliss Pie
Blue Print
Blue Print Cleanse
Booze Berry Juice Bar
Buda Juice
California Concentrate CO
Carrot Zip
Cherri Juice Co.
City Press
Creative Juice
Cultrale Citrus Juices
Daily Juice Cafe
Daywish Fruit
Del Ray Juice Co.
Dig In
Drazil Foods LLC
Dtox Juice
Elite Naturel USA
Evolution Fresh
Fit Fresh Juice Bar
FreshPress Juice
Fruit Bud Juice LLC
Funki Fruit Juice Fountain
Ginger Juice
Glow Bio
Green Crush
Growit Juice
Healthy Time Smoothies
Icee Co.
Island Breeze Ltd.
Jolted Juice Bar
Jugo Fresh
Juicd Life
Juice Bar Plus
Juice Core
Juice Generation
Juice it Raw
Juice it Up
Juice N Go
Juice Pedaler LLC
Juice Press
Juice Shop
Juice Stars
Juice Time
JuiceBar Juices
Juicy in the Sky
Jump Start Juice
Jungle Juice Bar, Inc.
Just Pic’d Juices
Kaleidoscope Juice
Keva Juice
Lime Juice
Loop Juice
Love Lemon Juice Bara
Milne Fruit Products Inc.
My Main Squeeze Juice
My Mona Vie
Nature Wrap
Nekter Juice Bar
Nourish Juice Bar
Oasis Jimma Juice Bar
OC Juice N Gyro
Olly Organics Smoothies & Juice
Orange Julius
Orgakist Juice
Organic Avenue
Peelers Juice Parlor
Pomegranates Juice Parlor
Pressed Juicery
Pure Juice: Grape
Purée Juice Bar
Purple Berry
Raha Juice
Raw Juce
Silver Springs Citrus Inc.
Smashtime Smoothies
Snap Kitchen
Squeeze It
Squeeze Up
Sun Orchard Inc.
Sun Rype Products USA
Sustain Juicery
The Banana Blender
The Duke of Juice
The Fresh Factor
The Green Cat Juice Bar
The Joyful Juicer
The Juice Box
The Juice Kitchen
The Juice Standard
Thrive Juicery
Town Center Cold Pressed
Tree Top
Urbane Juice Bar
Winkul LLC

The below infographic outlines the process and regulations regarding the use of pesticides on fruits such as oranges used in orange juice. An additional understanding is provided of how chemicals such as carbendazim end up in your juice and why it does not negatively impact your health. In perspective the government may find traces of certain chemicals leading them to believe they were directly added instead of suffering as a result of a legal chemical used.

Orange Juice Pesticide Facts

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