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101 Catchy Handmade Jewelry Business Names

Handmade jewelry is a booming industry, everyone is looking for something unique and one of a kind. Handmade jewlery offers just this. Starting a handmade jewelry business can help to fulfill creative desires and make profit through passion. The first step is a good name that represents your style. Here are some existing handmade jewelry business names to help get your creative juices flowing.

Art Chic
Artsy Jewels
Bead Adorned
Bead Alternique
Beaded Armor
Bee Trinket
Blue Gram
Bohemian Findings
Buttons & Beads
Candy Crystals
Charming Crafts
Charming Jewelry Store
Classical Customs Jeweler
Classics Jewelry
Concept Designs
Craft Surprise
Crafty Soul
Custom Designs
Deja chic
Diamond Sea
Earth Work
Elegant Words Jewelry
Euphorium Jewel
Five Souls
Glamour Girl Beads
Gold Galore
Handmade Love
Handy Jenewal
Ice Jewelers
Infinite Grace
Infinite Things
Infinity Jewelers
Jewel Cycle
Jewel Illuminate
Jewel Jest
Jewel Junky
Jewelry Empire
Jewelry Palace
Junky Jewel
Lady Bug Jewelry
LaLa Crystal
Lovely Mosaic
Lulu Bug Jewels
Luxury Gold
Magic Clasp Jewelry
Making Memories Custom Jewelry
Maria’s Touch Jewelry
Meta Merphy
Metal Spectrum
Miss Curious
Mixed Mingled
New Life Designs
Patina Jewel
Peacock Beads
Pebble Jewelry
Pish Posh Pendants
Pot of Gold
Pretty Little Things
Reclaim Artsy
Retro Chic
Rich Relics
Ring of Memories Jewelers
Royal Bloom
Sparkles Shop
Special Engagements Jewelers
Spirited Hill
Spring Jewelers
Stone Appeal
Sugar Rush
Sun And Moon Jewelry
Sunkissed Jewelry
The Blue Snowflake
The Crystal Blooms
The Diamond Band
The Ecletic
The Galleria of Gems
The Gemstone Gallery
The Gold Lodge
The Golden Goose
The Jewelry Place
The Looking Glass Jewelers
The Missing Piece Studio
The Platinum People
The Southern Nest
The Strand
The Velvet Box
The Vintage Wheel
Thrifty Treasures
Touch of Gold
Travelers Jewelers
Tribal Style
Trinity Jewelers & Co.
Trink Wink
Uncommon Chic
Velvet Lux
White Lily Designs

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