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35 Best Baptism Card Messages

Partaking in a baptism is a joyous time when the individual takes the moment to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior while seeking forgiveness for their sins. It can be difficult to find the right words to share when it comes to congratulating your fellow Christian. The following baptism card messages are great samples from other previously existed notes to help inspire the message of your own personal sentiment.

Baptism today caused, that you became a beloved child of God. His grace you received with it is simple, any way. Trust God, not asking what he can give you a return. Giving him your heart you know that always help. Abundant graces a lifelong desire on Baptism.

Congratulations little [ baby’s name ] on this big milestone. Wishing you and the entire family a wonderful and memorable day. Lots of love.

Congratulations little [ baby’s name ] on this wonderful and special day. May you be filled with love and peace from the Holy Spirit. Lots of love.

Congratulations little [ baby’s name ] on your special day. May the holy spirit bless you with a wonderful and long lasting faith.

Congratulations on this special day. May it bring with it love, peace and joy as we celebrate this holy occasion.

God has really touched your life, saved you by His grace. Now being baptized in His name and walking in His ways, we pray that you will come to know what God has planned for you.

I pray you’d have a real sense Of God’s hand upon your life as you go through the baptismal waters and follow after Christ. I pray that you may go from here, Changed and made brand-new, Walking hand in hand with God into all He’s called you to.

It takes a lot of courage to be baptized in His name, to die to the old self and be forever changed. May God bless your life for stepping out for Him, Proclaiming unto others the faith you have within.

Let the Baby Shower and the moments spent together will generate lot of happy memories. Best wishes for your mom and dad! On Baptism, may the Lord Jesus bless your family. Best wishes for the parents and baby!

May God grant your little one, all the blessing of His gentle love and may your little boy enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness. Congratulations.

May God’s grace and blessings that you receive on your Baptism, guide you throughout your life.

May this holy occasion bring with it lots of joy and happy memories. All the very best.

May today be a wonderful and joyous day for little [ baby’s name ]. Lots of love.

May today’s celebration be a joyous and memorable one – Congratulations!

May today’s christening be the start of a wonderful and long lasting faith. All the very best and with lots of love.

May your baby’s christening day be filled with love, laughter and happiness.

May your child always walk in the company of angels.

May your child’s baptism be just the start of a life filled with blessings. Best Wishes.

May your christening day be touched with every blessing and your future filled with many things to smile about.

May your little life be filled with special blessings from above and may your Christening day be touched with very special love.

On this special day and always may God look down on you, cherish you and keep you safely in his care.

Thank you for inviting us to come celebrate this special day. Wishing [ baby name ] and the entire family all the best.

Thanks for inviting us to this special and momentous day. May little [ baby’s name ] be blessed with the love from the Holy Spirit. All the very best and with lots of love.

This is a great milestone for little [ baby’s name ]. May today be a special and memorable one.

This special day marks the start of your spiritual journey. May it bring lasting peace and joy to your life.

We are all really excited to be celebrating [ baby’s name ] christening!! May today make for lots of wonderful memories.

We send you love on your holy christening. I wish you all the best for your life.

We’re all really excited for little [ baby’s name ]. May this special occasion be one that is cherished by all and brings with it much joy. All the best and with lots of love.

We’re all thinking of little [ baby’s name ] on this holy day. May it be one filled with lots of love, peace and happiness.

We’re all thinking of little [ baby’s name ] on this special and momentous day. May your family be blessed with lots of wonderful memories. All the best.

We’re all very excited for little [ baby’s name ]. May today bring with it much joy and happiness. Congratulations.

Wishing little [ baby name ] a blessing from above. May today’s celebration be filled with peace, love and wonderful memories.

Wishing little [ baby’s name ] a wonderful christening. All the very best with lots of love.

Wishing you a wonderful christening and lots of wonderful memories. All the best.

Wishing you and your family all the very best with today’s holy and momentous occasion.

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