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34 Product Listing Advertisement Tips and Tactics


A Master Guide To PLAs

In the last quarter of 2012, product listing advertisement emerged. This article dwells on techniques that can be employed with respect to the best practice in PLA advertising. It begins with feed management, campaign structure, monitoring and adjustment.

Feed Management

The Basics
To have success in your PLA efforts, the following are crucial.

• With respect to feed management, you must ensure that all wrongly spelled words are removed.
• Your products must be integrated with the feed and all description fields must be filled.
• Field values should be made consistent.
• When there is a price change, inventory should be updated.
• Competitive prices should be displayed.
• Product titles should be optimized.
• Additional features and descriptions should be filled.
• The inclusion of an optional second picture is necessary.

In a bid to ensure a complete success of the entire process, PLA campaign management should be integrated with data feed management. Also, establish a bench mark against competitive adverts.

Campaign Structure
• The structure of the campaign is critical to the success of the entire process. For the setup process, PLA and SEM should not be mixed together, campaign should be differentiated and adverts must be audited and verified before going live.
• For target and advert groups, do not make use of the “All Product Catch All” target. Lightly themed products, advert groups and targets should be created. In the event of stock out, pause product for stock outs while you take advantage of negatives.
• For adverts, images should be optimized, make use of a general promotional copy and audit adverts before launching.
• For bids and budgets, make sure you bid for a goal, specific bids should target a product. Ensure you avoid stale bids.

Ensuring a shift to granular advert groups and targets is critical to success. This can be achieved by setting a product target for every SKU or make use of small and lightly themed groups. You need to set up for scale, organizing everything around the taxonomy of your store. Make use of an intuitive naming structure as you organize everything based on goals. Regional campaigns should be considered, adverts should be written with respect to product target, having targets bids per product target.

Monitoring & Adjusting
The following considerations should be taken seriously when it comes to monitoring and adjusting your strategies.

• Target KPI of product should be monitored.
• Bids and budgets should be monitored.
• Monitor stock to know when to pause and un-pause products.
• Make sure you deal with the negatives.

With respect to monitoring and adjustment, the following are critical to success. Ensure adverts prices are competitive as you optimize titles. Promotional copies and images should be optimized. Test image strategies.

Bids and Budgets

For bids and budgets, building strategies should be varied, take advantage of algorithm based bidding. Data should be shared across bids for proper estimation while specific bids and budget for mobile should be set. Budget should be reallocated between PLA and keyword campaigns.

Data review should be carried out at different levels. This can be done through the analysis of different departments, product and categories, analysis of different SKU levels and the sharing of feedback with merchandising managers. Feedback should be shared with product pricing manages and finance.

PLA performance can be used to improve feedback. Optional columns can be added to the feedback for categories and departments in a bid to reflect the structure of the PLA. Performance insight can be used to adjust the feed.

5 Must Do Secrets to Succeeding in PLA

1. Granular advert groups and target structure should be the ideal area of interest. With the use of SKU levels, you can gain a reasonable degree of control over bids and advert quality.
2. Your adverts should be differentiated making sure your prices are competitive. Be aggressive with concise promotional copies, testing promotional copies as well as image types.
3. PLA performance feedback should be reconnected to your feed.
4. In order to increase competitiveness to meet business goals, implement bid strategies. For example, ROAs versus leaders.
5. The aim of PLA is to drive store transactions. It is organised around taxonomy in order not to complicate the enhancement of performance.

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