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35 Good Summer Camp Slogans

The first organized summer camp started in the United States in 1861. The American Camping Association was established in 1910, with the first tech camp established in 1999. Over the last three decades, traditional camps have seen a new era of specialized camps offered to adolescents that focus on activities and opportunities. The following listing of summer camp slogans are from existing camps across the United States focused on harboring growth, knowledge, and social environments among adolescents in the nation.

A meeting place with God.
A mountain experience awaits you.
Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.
Awesome camps for Awesome kids.
Building confidence and academic strength in kids.
Campers – natures way of feeding mosquitos.
Camping – natures way of promoting the motel industry.
Champions united.
Choose your ownn adventure.
Discover life.
Do something big.
Friends, Family, Tradition
For youth development.
If you’re not in new york you are camping out.
Impacting lives through real experience.
It’s about you.
Learning for a lifetime.
Let your star shine.
Making memories that last a lifetime.
Mountains of possibilites.
One heart at a time.
Professional youth threatre at its best.
Science made fun.
Sick of sitting around doing nothing?
Sparking imaginative learning.
Strengthening friendships.
The adventure of a lifetime.
The art of getting close to nature.
The coolest camp in town. No sunscreen required.
We build. We code.
We serve Christ by serving you.
What are you doing this summer?
Where girls have fun with style.
You should see us now.
Your child’s success is our number one goal.

More than 12,000 camps currently exist in the United States today. More than 11 million children attend camps each year, employing more than 1.2 million adults in the industry. The below infographic outlines statistics surrounding the establishment and continued summer camp industry.

Summer Camp Benefits and Facts

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