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34 Funny Team Names for Weight Loss Competition

An estimated 8% of this years weight loss resolutions will be ultimately successful. Working in numbers can help to build strength and maintain resolve. Models and tweens have been seen participating in the cotton diet which involves dipping cotton balls in orange juice and eating it. However, health warnings are associated with this as cotton balls are made with more synthetic materials than not. Participating in a weight loss goal with others will help to keep you motivated, informed, and more likely to reach your goal. The following compilation of weight loss team names are from other existing groups that are trying to accomplish the same thing.

Bootie Busters
Born to Lose
Choose to Lose
Diminishing Returns
Excess Baggage
Gut Busters
Guts to Dust
In It to Fit It
Lean Queens
Lost Because
Masters of the Gym
Mind Over Matter
Mission Slimpossible
Muffin Abductors
No Weigh
Operation Narrow Waiste
Out of Shape
Pound Droppers
Scale Tippers
Skinny Up
Starving Six
The Burning Lipids
The Shredders
Thinner than You
Top Heavy
Tour de Fat
Waist Away
Waist Basket
Waisting Away
Weigh to Go
Wii Not Fit
Withering A-Weigh

In the United States, an estimated 33.9% of adults are considered to be obese that is 20 years and older. An average 2 in every 3 Americans believe they are over their ideal weight. In 2013, an record $105 million was spent in a single day by Americans on weight loss programs. The below infographic provides statistics and facts about weight loss in America.

American Trends with Weight Loss

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