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35 Catchy Battery Company Names

In the United States, the battery industry is expected to increase an average 4.2% each year. This $17 billion dollar industry shows the biggest growth segments among lithium and rechargeable batteries. Secondary to this, are batteries for electronic devices that continue to grow in popularity. The following listing of battery company names are compiled from this global industry.

A-1 Battery
American Battery Company
Asisco Battery Company
Batteries Plus Bulbs
Bill’s Battery Co.
Concorde Battery
Continental Battery Co.
Crown Battery Manufacturing
CSB Battery Technologies
Dyno Battery
East Penn Manufacturing
Eveready Battery Company
Excell Battery Corporation
Exide Technologies
Haze Batteries
HYB Battery Co.
Insterstate Batteries Systems of America
Jefferson Battery Company
MK Battery
Nexcell Battery Co.
Nichols Battery Co.
Paper Battery Co.
Powertron Battery Co.
Prieto Battery
Rapport Inc.
Reliable Battery Co.
Remy Battery
Republic Battery LLC
Royal Battery Company
Square Deal Battery Company
Texford Battery Company
The Furukawa Battery Co.
Trojan Battery Company
Wellington Battery Company

Battery life is an essential component to consumers when it comes to purchasing products. According to a recent study, when it comes to smartphones an estimated 59% of consumers say that the battery life is essential. Only 32% of consumers say that price is important. The below infographic outlines the statistics and facts about battery saving with smartphones and how to preserve its use.

Guide to Saving Smartphone Battery Life

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