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34 Best Catchy Doll Company Names

The toy industry, such as dolls, is one that will live on forever! Just in the last year the industry brought in 2 billion dollars. If you are taking the leap into creating your own doll company, than a wonderful and catchy name is very important. You need to ensure that your name depicts your company and sticks in people’s minds. Here is a wonderful list of existing doll company names for you to look at and use as an aid when naming your own company.

American Girl
Applewood Seed Co.
Bambi’s Dollhouse
Beverly Hills Doll Co.
Bountiful Baby
Bunny’s Doll Cottage
Dee’s Place of Dolls
Doll & Co.
Doll and Bear Urgent Care
Doll House Factory
Doll Mercantile
Dolls Anonymous
Guys & Dolls Hair Co.
Guys and Dolls New to Youu
Hammond Toys Hobbies Dolls
Heavenly Dolls
House of Dolls and Teddies
Kish and Company
Lollipop’s Doll Shoppe
Lovee Doll & Toy Co.
Mezco Toyz LLC
Norm’s Dollhouse
O’Smiley’s Dolls and Collectibles LLC
Precious Heirloom Dolls
Randee & Company
Rosemarie Dol & Bear Repair
Rottie Studio
The Alexander Doll Company
The Knotty Doll
Tiny Doll House
TLC Doll Hospital
Toland’s Dolls
Uneeda Doll Co.
Uniquely Yours Porcelain Dolls

This wonderful video is an interview with a renowned doll maker talking about what it takes to make it in the doll making industry. It provides wonderful and experienced insight into the industry.

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