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33 Tactics to Increase Pins and Repins on Pinterest


You may be on Pinterest for fun, for business or as a professional helping other businesses. You may have any of the myriad purposes for which people use Pinterest. Regardless of your purpose and nature of your eventual objective, you would want to get your posts pinned and re-pinned. It works similar to likes and shares or re-tweets and replies on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

Benefits of Pins and Repins on Pinterest

The more pins and re-pins you get, the more popular your posts are and more people get to know of your profile and your online presence on the site. If you are somebody who is not famous yet then your posts wouldn’t be noticed by a huge number of people. It takes time to create a brand and to have a substantial number of followers, until then you would have to do with a few pins and possibly no re-pins in most cases.

All that can change if you pay heed to the info-graphic. 33 Ways To Get More Pins and Repins On Pinterest is a complete guide for any and sundry who wishes to generate some buzz around their posts on the popular image sharing social network. You don’t have to be famous. You do not need to be someone in a line of work that is glamorous or very popular. All you need is interesting posts and a combination of as many factors as you can from the 33 ways.

Best Methods to Follow

Getting re-pins becomes phenomenally simple and achievable if you understand when people are online the most, how your pins or posts get noticed in their views and how a post can be conceived and presented in a manner that is conducive to endorsement by others. It is only endorsement that can incite the urge to share, which consequently would get you re-pins and a wider audience.

Each of these 33 ways, as you would note, are fairly simple but have been inferred after extensive analysis of behavioral patterns of users on the site. Relentless studies have been conducted to understand the dynamics of Pinterest, how the posts are received, where people head to in order to find new content and what kind of reception different approaches get treated with.

Endorsing the 33 ways and strategizing your Pinterest presence in accordance with these successful ways would surely get you the attention, ala pins and re-pins, that you are looking for.

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