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33 Funny Coed Volleyball Team Names

Coed sports can be commonly found among local communities that participate in team competition. However, on a national and global level, gender specific leagues and associations have been formed in just about every type of sport activity. A collection of coed volleyball team names is compiled below from existing leagues.

Block Heads
Block Market
California Heat
Coast VBC
Death at the Net
Death From Above
Dig It.
EZ Pass
I’d Hit That
Kiss My Ace
Oaks VBC
Passing Fancy
Planet Volleywood
Pop Up Blockers
Rancho Valley
Sandy Clams
Serves You Right
Set To Kill
Sets In the City
Sets On the Beach
Son of a Beach
Spike Punch
Surf City
Way Out
Will Work for Sets

Volleyball is estimated to be worth $545,000 in the NCAA for college sports. However, the top sport for revenue is football, averaging over $22 million a year. On a global scale, this industry is estimated to be valued at $6.2 billion, more than the gross domestic product. The below infographic highlights the statistics of college sports.

Global College Sports Statistics

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