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10 Ways Businesses Use QR Codes


The Rise of QR Codes

The use of QR codes have been on the rise the last few years, seeing a 4549% increase over a single year period. A collection of current demographics and usage statistics are listed below with ideas of how to use QR codes in business.

Demographics of Scanners

• Under 18 – 5%
• Ages 18-64 – 16%
• Ages 25-34 – 22%
• Ages 35-44 – 25%
• Ages 45-54 – 21%
• Ages 55 and older – 11%

10 Most Popular Uses for QR Codes

Businesses are finding all sorts of ways to integrate new technologies and ways to market to consumers with ease in mobile technologies. The most popular uses for QR codes have been seen in the following.

1. Offering product information.
2. Display coupons.
3. Connect to social media.
4. View real estate listings.
5. Stimulate loyalty programs.
6. Make payments through mobile.
7. Preview real time information.
8. Preview movie trailers.
9. Scan a paperless ticket.
10. Download an app.

Compatibility and Popularity

The most popular operating system that is used and shared through when it comes to QR codes is 48% Android and 45% iPhone. Since 2012, the number of QR codes that have been created in 2012 was 164 million. This number is expected to raise an additional 450 million codes through 2016 to almost 600 million.

In 2011, an estimated 72% of businesses were not integrating QR codes in their marketing strategy. As of 2012, this number decreased to only 38%. The rising popularity of QR codes have forced businesses to start giving it a second look at and find new creative ways to market to consumers and engage them.

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