35 Catchy Sales Contest Names

Offering sale contests provides the workplace with a sense of healthy competition. According to the 80/20 rule, only 20% of sales made by people make up for the overall 80% of company revenue. It only takes the motivation of that 20% to provide the longer term exponential benefit. For a list of ideas on holding sale contests for your sales team, review the ideas below provided by some of the best sales managers in the field. Use these for inspiration on creating your own sales contest, helping to result in better profits.

Balloon Surprise
Bonus Bucks
Data Cleanup
Dialing for Dollars
Easter Egg Hunt
Envelope Pass
Everyone Wins
Face to Face
Feast or Famine
Go for the Gold
Gold Rush
Grab Bag
Hunt for Sales
Let’s Make a Deal
Lucky Drawing
Money to Minutes
MVP Club
Name Your Team
Profit Pig
Pumpkin Bowl Contest
Quota Buster
Roll for Dollars
Sales Bingo
Sales by Day – Monopoly
Sales Olympics
Sales Per Hour – The Horse Race
Sell Hard and Prosper
Star Perfomer
Success Desk
The Great Race
The Money Hat
The Search for Missing Sales
Treasure Map
Turn the Tables
The below infographic outlines three main ways to focus sale incentives to your team. This will help to increase employee motivation, productivity, and improve employee satisfaction.
Types of Sales Incentives