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32 MS Walk Team Name Ideas

Multiple Sclerosis is considered to be one of the most common chronic and neurological conditions among young adults. Over three fourths of MS patients are female. MS is a progressive condition that attacks the central nervous system and interrupts nerve signals received throughout your body. Popular signs are loss of balance, numbness, and difficult with memory. To help raise awareness and a cure, the following compilation of MS walk team names are encourage to participating in your next local fundraiser event.

Are We There Yet?
Bish Bash Bosh
Caped Crusaders
Clouds in my Coffee
Dream Catchers
Foot Fire
Gal Pals
Happy Feet
Keep on Smyelin
Keep on Trekkin’
Making Strides for MS
Miles with Smiles
Mustang Sally
Never Say Never
No MSing Around
One Sharpe Team
Precious Peacocks
Rage Against the MS
Strides of Hope
Sunrise Strides
Team Inspire
Team Sweet Feet
The Walkettes
This Better Be The Last Year This Is Necessary
Tiny Walkers
Too Inspired To Be Tired
Walking for our Future
Walking With Purpose
Wobble’s Walkers

Treatments are currently available that help patients with MS modify the course of the disease and alleviate symptoms. Different levels of progression exist from primary and secondary to even those that fall into a relapse and suffer from gradually increasing symptoms again. The below infographic outlines interesting facts and trends about MS.

Guide to Multiple Scherosis

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