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32 Great Catchy Logo Design Business Names

Graphic design is needed for all different types of things, one of the most prominent is logos for new and emerging businesses. Choosing a name for your logo design business unique to you and the services that you provide helps you to stand out from all the competition that is out there in today’s graphic design market. Here are some great names of existing logo design businesses all around the United States to give you ideas for your own.

360 Designs
Adplanet Creative
Alpha Graphix
Art Spark
Barry Ridge Graphic Designer
Cre8 Studio
Design Scout
Digital Labz
Ekizian Design
Elephant Works
Flow Graphics
Graphic Design Gallery
Houts Graphics
Jackrabbit Studios
Josh Barousse Design Inc.
Just Designs
Knoed Creative
Lunar Media
Mad Mind Studios
Migrate Designs
NXFX Boston
Random Action
Spinq Studios
Squidz Ink Designs
Studio 307 Designs
Sunfish Design Studio
The Logo Experts
The Logo Guys
Tiny Squid Creative Services
Tribe Design
Z Studios

Starting out can be tough, especially if you don’t know what to expect. This great video was made by a current logo designer about all of the things he wishes he knew when he first began designing.

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