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10 Best Passive Income Streams


Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Passive Income Continues to Pay Off.
There are countless money making opportunities online, but passive income is far superior to active income. Active income involves money that is earned for time and effort that you are providing, but passive income results in cash even when the effort or time stop. Online streams of cash in forms of passive income can be a great way to supplement your income and provide you with the freedom and flexibility you desire.

2) Selling Information Can be Profitable Online.
One of the most effective forms of passive income involves the selling of information online. There are many different ways that you can sell information from eBooks to audio programs or even videos. Almost 20 % of all internet traffic is looking for information and this passive type of income is in demand at a high rate online. Amazon allows anyone to make their eBooks available for sale and actually sells more books than any traditional publishing company.

3) Affiliate Marketing is a Great Niche.
If you already have a website or blog, affiliate marketing is a type of passive income that doesn’t require time or effort. You have the ability to earn from 30 to 90% in sales commissions by promoting and selling affiliate products on your website or blog. By selling products for other people or other companies, you can still earn income without having to process orders, take inventory, box products or ship. You earn income with very little effort and it is a constant stream of cash.

4) Amazon Review Sites.
Passive income starts with initial effort that continues to pay off overtime. With Amazon review website, you have the ability to choose products that you want to promote. These products can be connected to your niche market and all you have to do is create product reviews and descriptions that online users can access. When the products are purchased through your embedded Amazon associate link, you will earn a commission.

5) Join in on eBook Craze.
The popularity of eBooks online is only increasing at a steady rate. Sales are skyrocketing with each passing year and a Kindle eBook can be a great type of passive income that allows for a steady stream of cash once the work and effort have stopped.

Passive income is an online earning potential opportunity that exists in high amounts.

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