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32 Great Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

There is no easy way to plan the birth of your child. You receive one due date, with your child born on another. This can make it difficult to plan anything until after your child is born. Sending out birth announcements are a great way to reach out to your friends and family, letting them know your child has finally arrived. The below wording ideas are perfect for little girls and boys, whether they are your first child or third.

After nine months of construction, our little project is complete.

Babies are miracles that bring joy to our lives.

Believe in dreams, they do come true.

Everything sweet, everything nice all wrapped up in our little girl’s eyes.

Giggles and curls, Ribbons and bows, She’s adorable from her head to her toes.

Hey, Diddle Diddle with a laugh and a giggle our baby arrived not a moment too soon. Mom and Dad laughed and cried tears of joy, and promised him the moon.

Into the world with a running start, our family has a brand new part.

Isn’t our new baby grand. [mother and father name] are deliriously happy to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter.

It’s a jungle out there. We welcome a new addition to our little zoo.

Little brothers are so much fun, You can bet he`s number one.

Little girls are so much fun we thought we’d have another one.

Love, joy and wonderful dreams all the sweetest things that our baby girl brings.

Miracles and magic and dreams come true cannot describe our joy. With radiant smiles and sparkling hearts we welcome our little boy.

One son was so much fun, We thought we`d have another one.

Our first son was so much fun,God couldn`t wait to bless us with another one.

Our little Star was born and the cow flipped over the moon.

Ours came dressed in blue!

She’s a precious little angel sent from above wrapped in pink and surrounded by love.

She’s finally here, she finally arrived a beautiful baby girl has entered our lives.

Such a little body, such a big miracle.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes. A perfect little smile and a button for a nose.

The only thing better than two sons, is three.

There’s a new branch on the family tree. [mother and father name] are deliriously happy to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter.

Tiny hands, Tiny feet… There is someone new for you to meet.

Together we have a new love to share.

Twinkle Twinkle little star what a joyous miracle you are… [sibling name] is happy to announce the birth of his beautiful sister.

We delightfully announce the newest member of our family.

We welcome to the world our greatest joy.

We’re tickled pink and glad to say, our little girl was born this day.

We’ve expanded our house by two feet.

We’ve gone overboard with our new little sailor.

What a joy to know it`s a bouncing baby boy.

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