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32 Good Catchy Goodbye Slogans

Finding the right words to say goodbye to someone is always a challenge. Whether its a friend who is moving away, a colleague moving onto better things, or anyone who is leaving your life, goodbyes are hard. We’ve compiled a great list of ways to say goodbye to your special friends. These are perfect for being written in a nice card, on a cake, or simply just being said with sincerity.

Always Together And Never Apart. Maybe In Distance But Never In Heart.
Bon Voyage My Friend.
Bye, Bye! Miss You Already.
Congrats On Getting Out Of This Dump.
Farewell, From The Whole Gang.
Farewell, My Friend!
Farewell. Goodbye. Adios. Adieu. So Long. Toodle-oo!
Go Ahead. Leave Me Here To Deal With All These Crazy People By Myself.
Good Bye From All Of Us!
Goodbye and Goodluck.
Goodbye! Please Stay In Touch.
Goodbye! Sorry You Are Leaving. You’ll Be Missed.
Goodluck In Everything That You Do.
Greater Things Await You.
Guess I’m Going Crazy By Myself.
I Will Miss You Dearly, Goodbye Friend.
It Just Won’t Be The Same Without You.
It’s Been Great Working With You.
May All Your Dreams Come True!
Most Of Us Are Really Going To Miss You! Others Just Signed The Card.
Now Who Will I Annoy?
Owl Miss You.
See Later Alligator.
Sorry To Hear That You Are Leaving.
Thanks For The Memories.
This Place Won’t Be The Same Without You.
Time To Say Goodbye.
Up Up & Away From Us! We’ll Miss You.
We’ll Sure Miss You!
You Don’t Need Any Luck, So Go Rock It!
You Made A Difference For Us All! Goodbye!
You where the best thing about this place.

This awesome video is about a group of friends saying goodbye to someone special to them in the best way possible, a super awesome surprise going away party!

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