33 Good Catchy Comedy Club Business Names

Comedy clubs are places that feature local comedians to entertain, while also serving alcohol and food. They are popular all over the country and can be a great option for starting a lucrative and exciting business. A good, direct name helps people to identify that you are a comedy club very quickly. Here are some great examples to help you out.

ACME Comedy Theater
Bad Dog Comedy Theater
Comedy Cabaret
Comedy Cellar
Comedy Gym
Comedy Sportz
Comedy Village
Comic Energy
Eastville Comedy Club
Giggles Comedy Club
Good Time Comedy
Ha Comedy
Helium Comedy Club
Jokes On The Beach
Just The Funny
Laff House
Laughing Devil
LOL New York
Oh My Ribs Entertainment
Sal’s Comedy Hole
Sarcasm Comedy Club
Stand Up NY
The Comedy Union
The G Spot Comedy Club
The Improv Space
The Laugh Factory
The Mask & Wig Club
The N Crowd
The New Movement
The Velveeta Room
The World Comedy Club
Third Coast Comedy

This great video is about a group of filmmakers who traveled to the grand opening of the very first comedy club in Kuwait. It is very interesting and shows a lot about the world of comedy clubs.