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32 Funny Sand Volleyball Team Names

Sand volleyball has been an emerging trend and sport for Women. Participation has nearly doubled after its initial year, growing from 15 teams to 30. In 2014, an estimated 40 teams are expected to compete at a championship level. A list of funny sand volleyball team names used by others will help to inspire the creation of your own beach competition.

951 Elite
99 Problems But a Beach Ain’t One
Ball Busters
Beach Boys
Beach Cities
Club Spike
Gold Diggers
Golden West
Hitting Bricks
Low Roofs
Mavericks 900
Net Results
Pacific Palisades
Sand Eaters
Scared Hitless
Served Hot
Sets On the Beach
Son of a Beach
Sports Shack
Surf City
The Sandtastic Four

Volleyball is not the only thing that is found at he beach. The below infographic lists some of the most popular sports and activities to participate in on the coast. These can meet anyone’s particular tastes along with some additional facts and tips to keep in mind.

Beach and Water Sports Activities

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